Foundation Council

  • Marek Małysa – chairman

From Poland, graduated at Nicolaus Copernicus University in Toruń in 1971 (mathematics), got his PhD in 1985.

A retired math teacher at the Gdańsk University of Technology.

Member of the Polish Bridge Union (PBU) since 1969, member of the District Board from 1979 till 2012 and member of the Management Board of PBU since2012(Deputy President since 2016).

Member of:

– EBL Seniors Committee

– WBF Senior Committee and Chairman of Bridge&Science Committee

Author of „BRIDGE 60 +” (310 new clubs for elderly across Poland) and „Play bridge with grandchildren” programs, presented to EBL and WBF members  during WBF Seminars in Medellin, Cape Town and Singapore as well as during EBL NBOs Seminar in Prague.

Chairman of the Council of Foundation „Bridge to the People” which has been created to help financing research on bridge. First results of the research works have been published by WBF on its web page and they are continued with the help of many sponsors. 

He organized very first in the history of contract bridge International Scientific Conference in Toruń (Poland) in 2018 with the presence of WBF and EBL Presidents Gianarrigo Rona and Yves Aubry and scientists from many countries. Also, the second Conference has been organized in Toruń in 2019 together with Nicolaus Copernicus University.

He organizes every year Bridge Forest Trophy, Invitational Teams Tournament for his friends from 15 countries playing serious bridge 3 days in the middle of the forest in a friendly atmosphere. Very active bridge player (International Master).

In 2016 he was the on-site organizer of World Bridge Games in Wrocław.

He played several Transnational World Championships with his friends from Europe and was non-playing captain of the Polish U-20 team in European and World Championships as well as coach of Polish Ladies Team in Opatija 2016.



  • Anna Bogdanis – v-ce chairman
  • Krzysztof Berlikowski – member
  • Małgorzata Maruszkin – member