Our Mission

Foundation „Bridge to the People” was created to run and finance scientifc research how playing bridge prevents dementia, boosts immune system, improove school results. Later results of research will be published in academic papers as well as used to promote the game of bridge.

Prevents dementia

Boosts immune system

Improove school results

Playing Bridge

Preliminary studies confirmed that advantages coming from playing bridge are:

  • 75% lower chance for Alzheimer Disease

  • higher production of CD-4 positive lymphocytes responsible for fighting
    against viruses

Both results should be confirmed on higher populations and thats what we are going to do.

Bridge 60+

We will join program BRIDGE 60+ dedicated to elderly to prevent dementias and social isolation , program which got to the game of bridge and special social centers more then 7000 people in almost 280 points in Poland.

We also teach bridge people in Alzheimer Centers , those having Mild Cognitive Impairmaint with unexpected good results. It may be new Alzheimer therapy.

On our page you will find all about research, its results and how to support it.

Bridge as a cure for loneliness and intergenerational connection