About the foundation

About us

After the success of the BRIDGE 60+ program, both in Poland and around the world, and the creation of over 300 clubs where older people could meet and learn the game and play bridge, thus implementing two tasks: counteracting social exclusion and preventing dementia, there was a need to investigate scientific methods of the real effects of this program.

From the beginning, scientists were interested in the effects of the BRIDGE 60+ project, first from the Imperial Collage of London, Stirling University and the Nicolaus Copernicus University.

The author and implementer of the BRIDGE 60+ program, Dr. Marek Małysa, also became the head of the “Bridge and Science” Commission at the World Bridge Federation (WBF), which allowed not only to combine the research of these universities but also to interest scientists from all over the world. The results presented by Dr. Małysa at the WBF Seminars in Medellin, Capetown, Singapore and Rome and at the Alzheimer Europe Conferences in Berlin and Barcelona met with great interest.

This prompted us to create the “Bridge to the People” Foundation (the name and capital letters are not accidental) to finance such research and promote their results.