At a Scientific Conference in Toruń (Poland) dedicated to the game of bridge, Emilia Leszkowicz PhD presented results of studies by American scientists which concluded,

that playing bridge can strengthen our immune system.


This somewhat odd title is not a scientific report, but there is something in it. Recently

following the development of the BRIDGE 60+ programme in other countries, I came across anassociation of this very name operating in France and Belgium. It turns out thatfive major cities have for years been carrying out activities very similar to ours, and certainly about the same as ours. Certainly with the same aim.

They have 50 centres located in hospitals, retirement homes, centres for the disabled and schools, and their activities are aimed at the elderly, the lonely, the disabled, but also at young people.

The association has a large board that coordinates activities and raises funds. What is interesting, however, is that in the “front line”- directly with the recipients of the activities, there are …volunteers working.

They are probably reimbursed for their travel expenses, but their work is unpaid and they are three hundred of them are involved in teaching bridge and organising the game itself!

The Association also organises tournaments and excursions for its members in conjunction with the game.

We can’t afford it yet, although pensioners in France are probablybetter off than the recipients of our BRIDGE 60+ programme. Maybe in the future we will manage to do so, after all, the first joint tournament of the BRIDGE 60+ Club Championships will take place on 11 May in Warsaw.

The game of bridge in the literal sense is not a vitamin, but… at the last Conference in Toruń

Emilia Leszkowicz PhD presented details of American studies, which showthat playing bridge can strengthen our immune system. In the studygroup of “older juniors” (70-80 years old), the level of CD 4 (positive) protein in the blood was analysed before and after the game. It turned out that only the level of this protein rises sharply after the game, and since its function is most generally to bind and inactivate viruses (even viruses such as HIV), the chance of an increase in immunity is high.

So it is no longer just the recovery from loneliness, the prevention of Alzheimer’s, but the also this benefit comes from playing bridge.

So let’s learn and others, let’s play and maybe also create a group of volunteers to promote the benefits of our passion.